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DELPRO Wind provides a range of highly specialised, key electrical services in the building and maintenance of onshore and offshore wind farms. Our focus is on the installation, commissioning and servicing of medium and high voltage electrical equipment and cabling in turbines and substations.

Our services include:

  • New installation of medium and high voltage switchgears, transformers and cables
  • Troubleshooting on medium and high voltage switchgears, transformers and cables
  • Termination of medium and high voltage cables both XLPE and EPR
  • Termination of T-connecters up to 72,5kV
  • Termination of Pfisterer Connex up to 245kV
  • Maintenance of low, medium and high voltage electrical installations on wind turbines and substations
  • Inspection of low, medium and high voltage electrical installations on wind turbines and substations

DELPRO Wind’s services are an essential part of the safe installation and ongoing maintenance of wind farms, onshore and offshore.

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Wind turbines

DELPRO Wind’s work on wind turbines includes the installation of medium voltage (10-35kV) switchgear, including OrmazabalSiemensABB and Alstom.

We install transformers and tests signals to and from switchgear, transformers, smoke detectors, temperature and sensors for temperature, pressure, oil levels and SF6 gas.

Services also include the inspection of switchgear and transformers.

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DELPRO Wind works on both medium and high voltage cables, installing high voltage cable joints and terminations up to 245kV.

This includes certified Connex terminations, T-connectors, shrink and slip-over terminations, hang off sea cables, GIS terminations, supervision of land and sea cables and high-pot, VLF and other testing procedures.

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Services include the installation, commissioning and maintenance of high voltage switchgear and transformers on OSS and high voltage substation equipment up to 400kV.

We also test SF6 gas values and undertakes the emptying and filling of SF6 gas using DILO equipment.

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Back office

Our back office is staffed by experienced engineers involved in a broad range of essential services, including the planning of high voltage installations and related serving work. The team undertakes risk assessments, specialist training and certification, and the preparation of installation and service manuals.

The department also has its own warehouse and a workshop specialising in medium and high voltage tooling.

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HV Academy

DELPRO Wind takes pride in the quality of the training it provides for its engineers and technicians, who often work in extremely hazardous environments.

The training centre at its headquarters in Vamdrup, Denmark, features facilities for training staff on switchgear, transformers, cables and relay protection.

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DELPRO Wind has a long and enviable track record in safely installing and maintaining the medium and high voltage electrical systems of onshore and offshore wind farms.

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